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Critical Care Toxicology 2nd Edition 2017

Critical Care Toxicology 2nd Edition 2017

Critical Care Toxicology 2nd Edition 2017

Critical Care Toxicology 2nd Edition 2017

Critical Care Toxicology belongs in every critical care unit, emergency department, poison center, library, emergency response center, and on the most easily reached shelf for anyone interested in or who comes in contact with medical toxicology. This masterful compilation of information has many attributes, among which are:

Evidence based well-referenced information
Editors and authors who are experts in their fields
Concise and clear presentation
Tables that convey critical data
Figures and diagrams that are clinically relevant
Paragraph headers that allow focused access to information
Calculations and formulas that are fully explained
Lists of treatment materials to obtain in advance with contact information of unusual items
Therapeutic dosages that are detailed enough to be utilized without additional references
In most cases, diagnostic and therapeutic information can be obtained in a few minutes given the book’s careful organization. For those patients presenting with complicated or multiple exposures, the structure provides a straightforward method of rapidly developing and working through a differential diagnosis. The quality of this book should come as no surprise after looking at theimpressive listing of authors. The editors, each of whom I have known, worked with, and respected for many years, have selected an international group of experts whose credibility is unmatched. They represent the best of our profession of medical toxicology and have written a large percentage of the most important and groundbreaking publications in our field. The editors and authors are the most sought-after educators in our annual toxicology meetings around the world and provide clinical expertise as well as leadership and training for all of us who work in this wide and varied area. In the preface to the first edition of Critical Care Toxicology, the word “passion” occurs in the very first sentence. For all of us who have ever written a scientific monograph, paper, chapter, book, or prepared a teaching session, the word passion certainly defines a major requirement for preparation of materials.

that will communicate the knowledge that is intended. It takes time and effort to write something that will stand the test of time, and when written with passion it means that the author has not skipped over anything and left nothing of importance unaddressed. It requires thorough knowledge of the subject, real world experience, fully researched literature, and draft after draft until communication is assured. When reading this book, it is apparent that the editors and authors have achieved their goal. Before writing this foreword, the editors provided me with some chapters from the second edition. In reviewing four of them – “Acid-base,” “Hypotension and Shock,” “Seizures,” and “Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome” – it was readily apparent that this second edition is an improvement on an already excellent book. More current materials are included as expected, but using these chapters as examples the authors have dramatically improved this book. Acid-base in the critical care setting is a complicated and often difficult issue. To address that the authors have doubled the length of this chapter and substantially added information which will be valuable to all who utilize it. The chapters on hypotension and shock and acute respiratory distress syndrome have been broken out of their previous locations and addressed comprehensively to reflect their importance. The chapter on seizures has also been doubled in length and contains a considerable amount of new information that is clearly presented. The authors have also added speed of access to this book through the use of a table of contents at the beginning of each chapter. This further enhances the ability of the reader to get to an answer under emergent circumstances. The book also has another purpose than just providing critical information in a clinical setting. It provides a very readable and understandable educational experience for all those who are studying this area. This must include addressing controversial areas with which the reader may be familiar and if not familiar ought to be familiar, and this book engages all of this. Even those of us who have been in this field for a long time stand to learn something from this book. The discussion of the strong anion gap in the acidbase chapter coupled with the very practical explanations of the other factors in this important area is the clearest I have ever read. An area in which I have little knowledge is malignant hyperthermia, and this chapter provides a clear explanation along with even a phone number and website to get additional updated information in what is apparently a rapidly evolving issue.

The editors clearly want readers to get the right answers to their questions. Critical Care Toxicology covers all of the areas in medical toxicology in a series of well-written chapters following the excellent chapters that provide an approach to the critically poisoned patient and an understanding of toxic syndromes. Images of various aspects of toxicological encounters provide visual reinforcement of the written materials. The index is very well done and comprehensive. Unlike the 7th edition in 1959 of Nelson’s pediatric text where the editor’s daughter, who hated having to produce the index, entered under B “Birds, for the” and listed the entire book, the index of Critical Care Toxicology was obviously prepared by someone who had a passion for helping readers get to answers.Critical Care Toxicology provides a very valuable contribution to all aspects of medical toxicology from education to, as the title states, critical care. It should be readily accessible to everyone who may face this issue from forming a differential diagnosis to rendering care.

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