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Yemen Manual of Neonatology

Yemen Manual of Neonatology


Yemen Manual of Neonatology

These tools also facilitate planning, implementation and evaluation according to MOHP directions and strategies to enhance the health services system. I call upon all who work in the health system, planners, fund providers, technical support personnel and health

service providers in the public and private sectors to use these manuals as a guide in their related activities.The MOHP represented by the Population Sector will make these manuals available and train trainers at the local and central levels. I wish to express my

appreciation to all who contributed to bringing this work to reality.

we took care to have the contents of these manuals reflect the latest international state of the art in the field, while keeping in mind our current situation and our abilities to implement these standards. We worked on making the content responsive to the needs of service providers of midwives,

nurses, and physicians who provide health care for mothers and newborns. This is based on procedures of providing services, counseling, health facility equipment, and referral system. The manuals are supported with evidence based practices for trainers, trainees to ensure common concepts

among the trainers, trainees and health workers in general. As a part of the complete methodology of preparing the manuals, we completed a Standards Manual for the EMOC services infrastructure. All of these are made available to provide those involved and interested in RH with appropriate

information to ensure that they reach a common understanding and practice. As we in MOHP are planning to distribute these manuals widely among all health facilities, we call upon our local and international development partners to support us in this as well as in training health providers,

improving infrastructure and providing equipment. I hope that these manuals will fill the need as well as continue to be updated regularly based on the feedback from the users of the manuals, and on new developments. And as I began this introduction, I reiterate my sincere thanks and

gratitude to everyone who contributed to this outstanding achievement.


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