Current Concepts in Ophthalmology 1st ed. 2020

Current Concepts in Ophthalmology 1st ed. 2020

This book casts light on the most recent and significant changes and challenges in Ophthalmology over the last years. It provides essential and relevant new information and improvements on the main areas of Ophthalmology. Current Concepts of Ophthalmology elaborates on recent developments in Refractive and Cataract surgery, Cornea transplants, Neuro-Ophthalmology and many more. Based on increasing professional subject specialisation, this book offers the opportunity to stay up-to-date with areas outside of the own specific sub-specialty. Further, it traces issues and useful information to understand the trends and areas of future interest.

Written by renowned experts of the respective fields, readers will discover a concise update on modern ophthalmology.

About the Author

Andrzej Grzybowski, M.D., Ph.D., MBA, is a Professor of Ophthalmology and Chair of
Department of Ophthalmology, University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn, Poland; Head
of Institute for Research in Ophthalmology, Foundation for Ophthalmology Development,
Poznan, Poland.
He is active in international scientific societies including Euretina (Co-opted Board member
2016-2018), Retina Society, AAO (International Fellow; member of the Global ONE
Advisory Board and Museum of Vision’s Program Committee), EVER (Board member and
chair of cataract section), ESCRS (curator of ESCRS Archive), and ISRS (member of the
ISRS International Council), ISBCS, International Council of Ophthalmology (programme
coordinator for WCO in 2011-2018), and Cogan Society. He became lifelong member
(chair LIV) of the European Academy of Ophthalmology and its Treasurer. He has been active contributor to
major ophthalmic conferences worldwide, including AAO (Achievement Award 2017, International Scholar Award 2018), APAO (International Coordinator 2017, Achievement Award 2018), WCO (Programme Coordinator 2010-2018), Euretina, ESCRS, EVER, ISOPT, etc.


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